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Dog Ridge WSC Board of Director Applications Being Accepted Now

Effective Monday, December 22, 2014

Under the rules promulgated by Texas Legislative Action, members are encouraged to actively participate in the election process by nominating from our local rural water community for the Dog Ridge Water Supply Board of Directors.  Members are required to submit an application to indicate their desire to serve as a Director.

DRWSC will have one position open for nomination. The member whose term is expiring is Mauro Cortez.  You, as members, may nominate any qualified DRWSC member to serve on the Board of Directors. 

To see a complete list of qualifications, CLICK HERE.

To download an application, CLICK HERE.

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February 2015 - Cold Hands & Warm Hearts

February 2015 - Cold Hands & Warm Hearts

February can be ice-cold, frigid and imposing, full of hazards and threats. February can also be heart-warming, affectionate and tender, full of love and romance.

February is National Heart Month in both the US and Canada (not surprising for the month of St. Valentine), the month in which we are reminded to focus on heart health. February is the month for which I can instantly recall the number of days without even going through the “30 days has September” chant in my head. February is the only month that actually gains a day every four years.  For such a short month, February actually has a whole lot going on: sometimes good, sometimes bad, but usually memorable. . . 

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